It’s Easy Cheesy to Get The Rat Pack of Hollywood Books

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  Making the Band Cover

The Rat Pack of Hollywood: Making the Band
ISBN 978-0-615-62511-9

The first book of the series tells how the rats came together to form the most popular band in the Universe.


The Rat Pack of Hollywood First Concert In Space
ISBN 978-0-9882523-1-8

Follow along as the celebrity rats from Hollywood blast off into outer space to do a concert on the Planet Backwards.


The Rat Pack of Hollywood Saves The Circus
ISBN 978-0-9882523-2-5

While on tour the celebrity rats discover a circus that needs their help.


The Rat Pack of Hollywood Visits The State Fair
ISBN 978-0-9882523-3-2

The celebrity rats are the star attractions at the State Fair, but Randoon dreams it is all about him.

The Rat Pack of Hollywood The Tail of Two Cities cover





The Rat Pack of Hollywood Tail of Two Cities                                                                               ISBN  978-0-9882523-4-9

On a rare day of from touring, the celebrity rats learn all about the nearby La Brea Cheese Pits.

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