Get your foodie on and celebrate a different wacky food holiday each day!
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Get on the bus with the Hollywood Rats! fun-loving pack of celebrity rats as they help you celebrate their favorite foodie holiday every day! That’s right, every day of the year is a foodie holiday… that means these little rodents have identified 365 different foodie holidays (one for each day) that you can celebrate. For example, did you know that November 28th is National French Toast Day?

As the ad says, It’s not rocket science; it’s just a fun foodie calendar app that highlights each day’s and each month’s foodie holidays. The app is complete with graphics featuring the Hollywood Rats!, the newest celebrities in town. They are a pack of celebrity rats that are embarking on a music career. Currently, they also are the stars of their own line of children’s picture books. You can get them here. We all know, rats love food. So, whether you are young or old and a true foodie, then this app is for you. You can also learn some unbelievable foodie trivia and astonish your friends with your newly learned foodie fun facts!