Michael Houbrick was just trying to decide what to do with the rest of his life when he blurted out to his dog,  Sunny, “We can’t go back to Hollywood, There’s nothing there but a bunch of rats!”

(insert clap of thunder here)

Instantly Houbrick knew he wanted to devote the rest of his life telling stories about a pack of celebrity anthropomorphic rats that embark on a music career. They’re called the, Hollywood Rats! This instantly became a classic brand for the world to enjoy. At least in his whacked out mind.

Although his official title is,  The Big Cheese, Houbrick knows there is never a single person who is responsible for a mammoth undertaking like this. Houbrick enjoys working with a variety of crinkled shirt vendors in white vans, creative Hollywood type people in expensive suits and brainiac lawyers who sit in expensive chairs he helped pay for. They’ve all come together to make this cheesy rat utopia possible.  It’s a wonderful collaboration of people who are all on the same rat rod bus, bringing this rat dream to life for children of all ages.

The entire rat journey all started with a few pencil sketches on a cocktail napkin… ok it wasn’t really a cocktail napkin, it was some cheap bond paper from Walmart. It just sounded better the other way.