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If you would like to contact us we have made it easy cheesy.  For the quickest response use the email address below.

Or snail mail to:

Michael Houbrick

Hollywood Rats!

2828 Stanfield Ave

    Orlando, FL 32814

When we hear what you have to say, one of the rats will get back to you quickly. Keep in mind, for legal reasons we can’t respond to any script and/or song submissions.

Are you a licensee looking to get on the bus with a hot new entertainment property for children and families? We’re all ears and tails and we’d love to hear from you.  We are seeking to license the brand, characters, logo and concept in all areas.

We are also seeking worldwide representation for the property. If you’re a licensing agent have your people call our people and we will do lunch. We love you babe.

Contact us at:

Thank you and have a great day,    Hollywood Rats!